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05/24: studio erde. is one of the most successful upcoming practices in 2023!

We were delighted to participate in a collaborative discussion and interview hosted by competitionline, alongside our colleagues from befriended offices. During the conversation, we explored the potentials and challenges of our profession, the role of competitions as experimental grounds, and our office's stance on promoting responsible and radical landscape architecture in the Anthropocene.

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05/24: Kick Off Haus der Statistik

studio erde is commissioned for the design of the temporary and experimental public spaces for Haus der Statistik and Haus des Reisens right in the heart of Berlin – collaboration with R. Winogrond and BeL Architects

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04/24: Workshop OPEN EMBASSY, Bonn

We took part in an invited collaborative design workshop in Bonn together with David Chipperfield Architects for the re-development of the American Club into the Open Embassy – a project by the Montags-Stiftung

03/24: IHK Cologne, Project

Migrating Landscapes, Cologne - we are commissioned to design the open spaces for the IHK building in Cologne together with Schilling Architekten. Our project builds on the rich history of the site and development of Cologne and the role of plant trades throughout history, resulting in strong atmospheric and productive nature-cultures for the different spatial typologies of the campus. 

04/24: Lecture and Talk at the ETH 

2 + 2 + 1 A Collective Discussion on the

Role of Landscape Architecture

Violeta gave a talk in the 2+2+1 Talks Series by the Institute of Landscape and Urban Studies, Prof. M. Voser. 2+2+1 launches the debate between practicing landscape architects, teachers and students, in search of new strategies and positions in landscape architecture.

01/24: Talk at the UDK Berlin

Talk at UDK Berlin – Violeta and Marcel gave a lecture and talk  at the discursive dinner event at the UDK at the Chair of Building, Planning and Design Prof. M. Bader

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01/24: 🥈🌱🔨 2nd Prize in Leipzig! Matthäikirchhof

studio erde. wins in collaboration with FAM Architekten the 2nd Prize in Leipzig for the Matthäikirchhof-Areal. Our project radically believes in the value of the existing built structures and public spaces and proposes a reinterpretation and circular transformation of the block structure as part of the old city logic of Leipzig. we therefore propose a processual framework of strategic interventions.

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05/24: Project Start in Jüchen for the circular Forest City

We are happy to share that we got commissioned to further develop our proposal "Neu-Jüchen" together with octagon architekturkollektiv, after winning the first prize in in the international competition in 2023. We are very looking forward to the further planning process with the variety of stakeholders in the region of the Rheinisches Revier. 

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11/23: DEAR EARTH, Hyperwerk Basel

The HyperWerk of the Institute Experimental Design and Media Cultures (IXDM) held a day of events on December 1st as part of the annual theme “Dear Earth.” The theme explores how societies benefiting from extractivism live with and on the earth, aiming to challenge and support the development of an attitude towards design work and processes. At 11 a.m., Kathryn Yusoff and Helen V. Pritchard, and at 2 p.m., Violeta Burckhardt and Marcel Troeger hold a lecture and discussion on their practice at “studio earth. office for anthropocene landscapes,” particularly their project in Jüchen.

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09/23: Field Trip to Urban Futures,


Marcel took part in the interdiscplinary and explorative fieldtrip into the egyptian desert in Sinia initiated by the White City Center Tel Aviv / Liebling House, the Negev School of Architecture and HFBK Hamburg. The goal is to develop radical collaborative and cross-national projects in order to tackle climate resilience for cities and landscapes.  

10/23: WORKSHOP Braunschweig -


Co-Living Workshop - Nature - In October 2023 we gave a week long design workshop at TU Braunschweig as part of the COLIVING campus. We speculated on new narratives on living in our anthropocene world! Thanks for having us!

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Klimastraßen Werkstattverfahren

As part of our participation in the "Climate Streets" workshop organized by BUKEA Hamburg, Marcel led a design seminar aht the HCU Hamburg focused on polyphonic approaches to the street and riverscape of Hartwicusstraße along the Wandse. The seminar culminated in an outdoor exhibition featuring interactive infrastructure prototypes, presenting innovative narratives for the future of streetscapes.

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