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Marcel Troeger

founder, studio erde

- office for anthropocene landscapes

studio erde [german for soil, earth or planet] is a design agency, which works within a planetary modus operandi and a highly specific and earthly design language. It stands for radical approaches in revealing the complexities of todays intertwined urbanized landscapes and contested territories and engaging in them by developing an intiutive design approach for hybrid naturcultures and alternative spatial typologies towards a landscape architecture in the anthropocene. 


studio erde works at the intersection of landscape architecture, ecology and urban design. The project scope ranges from the development of territorial strategies, speculative project ideas and narratives, up to spatial and object implementations and installations, constantly on the search for renewed expressions of alternative aesthetics of a Baukunst for and in the Anthropocene. We create and enhance beautifully strange places full of contradictions, webs of different lifeforms and vibrating materialities.  


studio erde believes in the strength of a collaborative approach and working in networks with different disciplines, actors, and institutes to develop radical answers for the intertwined design challenges in our anthropocene world.


Marcel Tröger, founder of studio erde, is a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer (TU Berlin and ENSP Versailles). He is recipient of numerous awards in international planning and idea competitions, such as the LILA 2022 Award for Young Professionals, the Schinkel- and Lenné-Prize or at the Europan 16. Before founding studio erde, Marcel was working for internationally acclaimed landscape architectural offices (Vogt Landscape and as project leader at bgmr Landscape Architects) on multidimensional strategies and design projects, as visiting lecturer for design studios at the TU Berlin and the BTU Cottbus and as jury member and guescrit at different universities.

Marcel recently joined the HCU Hamburg as Lecturer and Researcher, working on his PHD on "Principles for a Baukunst of the Anthropocene".

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studio erde

_office for anthropocene landscapes

braunschweiger str. 41

12055 berlin


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Prizes & Awards

Latest Projetcs 

2nd Price Transformation and Extension of the Adlergarten, Winterthur with Buero Krucker


LILA 2022 Award for Young Professionals

Best Portfolio 

2nd Price karst.marke rhumequelle

honorable mention - grande maxxi and maxxi green, extension of the maxxi museum, rome

honorable mention - tallin architecture bienale

vision competition lasnamäe

1st Price 

Schinkel Competition - Schinkelpreis 2021

2nd Place / Runner-Up

EUROPAN 16 - Germany 

1st Price

Peter-Joseph-Lenné Preis, 2016

1st Price

Schlaun Competition Urban Design, 2017 

1st Prize

Show Garden Competition Royal Garden Show Eichenzell and bdla Prize

2nd Prize

BUGA Heilbronn: BDLA Showgarden // Predesign of a CitySquare for the City of Heilbronn


1st Prize

Idea Competition Europlatz Heppenheim

1st Prize

Competition bdla. Grüne Bühne 2016



gmünder talfinger.  schwäbisch gmünd and the remsvalley.metropolis - a horizontal project

-2nd Place, Runner-UP EUROPAN 16 - with m. fay

Schwäbisch Gmünd, Rems-Valley


terra fluida.

naturcultures at the intersection of infrastructures, material processes & hybrid ecologies 

-Schinkelpreis AIV Berlin

Berlin Westhafen


International Competition - Short List

Reimagining Museums for Climate Action 

"Climate Sanctuaries"

The Planet

grande maxxi and maxxi green, extension of the maxxi museum, rome - honorable mention with g. düsing, max hacke & violetta burckhardt

Rome, Italy 

karst.marke rhumequelle - dialogue between water, geology and landscape - invited competition by the architect chamber of Niedersachsen - 2nd prize - cooperation with raphael volkmer

Rhumequelle, Harz

choreography of porosoties - lasnamäe and its karst entanglements - honorable mention at the idea competition of the architecture biennale tallin - cooperation with magnus hehlke 

Tallin, Estonia 


Violeta Burckhardt  /    Buero Krucker Architects  /  Thomas Baecker Architekten  /    Gustav Düsing Architects /                 

Michael Fay   / Tamino Kuny & Julian Wäckerlin /    Field Stations /  bbz la /    annabau Landschaftsarchitekten /                               

herrburg (schönherr LA)    /    Magnus Hehlke   / bgmr Landschaftsarchitekten /    Prof. Ingo Vetter /                       

Raphael Volkmer Design    /  Prof. Anna Lundqvist /  Prof. Michelle Howard  /  Hacke Architects /


Wollhaus Square, Heilbronn- PreDesign, City of Heilbronn, Department of Public Space  // City of Schwäbisch Gmünd – Western City Entrance // Lilien.Acker, 2018- Royal Garden Show, Execution and Construction, 2018 // Design Europlatz, 2018- City of Heppenheim, realization 2021 // Citizen Park Triebisch, City of Meißen - Concept for the Construction, 2021 // Design Build Project, „Mandara” Assiut, Egypt, UN Habitat/TU Berlin

*studio erde is happy to work with new collaborators and on new projects

 to reshape our anthropocene world together and to create beautiful strange places*

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